Terms of use

The use of the services of the website ourbeloveds.com is permissible, provided that is subject to the following conditions, which the user is asked to accept unconditionally and to consent to the application, otherwise the user must not use the services.

The communication with ourbeloveds.com requires completing the contact form in the space that includes personal information, which will be used solely for communication between us and the smooth operation of the site, they will not be released to third parties and they will not be used for commercial or promotional purposes.

Freely users can, as long as they stop using the services of the site, if they wish, to request the deletion of their data from our database. We have the ability to publicize statistical information (reports) about the traffic of ourbeloveds.com, which would clearly not include any personal data of users.

The use of ourbeloveds.com is completely free of charge for the user. It is prohibited any interference or modification of service by users, we indicatively mention copying and / or use of data, images and other information displayed, without prior written permission. It is prohibited to use ourbeloveds.com for illegal purposes, unconventional, against morality or merchantable ethics. The services of our site are intended only for communication between people who wish to communicate ideas, images, messages, while we do not mediated in any way. The use of any service of ourbeloveds.com including this creation of entries is the sole responsibility of the user.

We do not control and we are not responsible for any information provided or the entries that the users make through ourbeloveds.com. The way of entering is done electronically in accordance with the form that exists in the space of ourbeloveds.com. We do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to our services, while we maintain the right to modify or suspend temporarily or permanently all or part of the services without warning the users. We are not responsible for any damage that the user may suffer from the website services.

The users will be liable to us for any damage that we may suffer from their use of services which may be malicious or against the provisions of this text or the law. These terms of use may be modified at any time by their publication in this position and in the announcements of ourbeloveds.com and they apply to all users.

Users are invited to inform immediately the managers for any negative information they come across, whether it includes inaccurate or false entry or misleading or against morality and / or public policy content and / or material. Further, we reserve the right to refuse entry of images, messages etc.. These terms are governed and supplemented, where there is no explicit provision of the Greek and the community legislation and the relevant international treaties to which Greece is a party. Competent courts for any dispute relating to this are the Courts of Athens.