I saw you one day right across my apartment. You seemed tired and hungry. I gave you food and water. You looked at me with gratitude, but without any hope in your eyes. My heart broke that moment.
I took you to the vet. You were sick and old. You had leishmaniasis, ehrlichiosis and heart filariasis but I promised you that I was going to help you. I told you not to give up and we would fought your battles together. I named you Bella because I saw the beauty inside you. You took every necessary medication and did every therapy/treatment needed.
And you started blossoming. Your eyes were shining with happiness and love. You lived 7 years with me and the vet kept on saying that it was a miracle. My love kept you alive and your love gave me purpose.
You died peacefully in our bed from old age. You were 18 years old approximately. Now I adopt and foster old dogs like you, in your memory. That is your legacy, Bella’s legacy and you will never be forgotten. I love you Bella!

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: BELLA
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: JAMES
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: NOT KNOWN
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: NOT KNOWN
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: OLD AGE
Age / Ηλικία: 18
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: HOME
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 18/09/2023


I carried you for nine months. I felt every move you ever made and loved you before I saw you. Your room was ready, painted with pink walls but your short life was black. You never made it to see your home. You never had the chance to wear your beautiful, little clothes, to feel the indescribable love I had for you.
Doctors diagnosed you with severe heart failure, as soon as you were born. They told me that they would do anything in their power to help you, but in my heart, I somehow already knew what was going to happen. You silently passed away after 5 days.
My heart stopped when your heart stopped. My life ended when your life ended. I will never ever forget you!

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Rebecca Davis
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Susan
Address / Διεύθυνση: New York
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: New York
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 23/04/2022
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: Heart Failure
Age / Ηλικία: 5 days old
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: Hospital
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 28/04/2022


Your death feels like a lie. I used to say that we were going to ride towards the sunshine together but you preferred to leave without me. Why? How can I ever go inside the stable again, knowing that you are not there? I might sound like crazy but I don’t care. People can’t possibly understand the connection between a horse and a human unless they have one.
You were so unique, like a piece of art. You were so clever, so sensitive and so strong at the same time. You taught me a lot about animals and I never needed to teach you anything about me.
You understood everything and could sense everything, even your death.
Something had changed in your behaviour. You seemed unhappy and I called your vet. After some tests he said you had infectious encephalomyelitis a disease that hasn’t got a cure. I froze. I never thought that you would ever become so seriously I’ll. I started to sleep with you in the stable. I didn’t want to leave you alone.
The night before you died you lied down next to me and I instantly knew. You were going to leave. I hugged your head and I couldn’t hold my tears. During that night your heartbeat and your breath started to gradually weaken until they stopped forever.
You were 15 years old. Horses live up to 30 years. How did this happened to you? I will never find out. You were my companion, you were my brother. You were the only being I knew I could count on. I had never loved anyone like I loved you and I never will. My life is an empty space without you.
I love you my wonderful Tex. Run free in the blue skies.

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: TEX SMITH
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: LIAM
Address / Διεύθυνση: TEXAS
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: TEXAS
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 30/07/2008
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: INFECTIOUS ENCEPHALOMYELITIS
Age / Ηλικία: 15
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: HOME
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 30/07/2023


You were my only weakness. I found you one evening in my porch. A big wounded parrot. I couldn’t just leave you like that. I decided to take you inside and heal you. My best friend is a vet and he gladly took care of you. He told me you were a girl so I named you Pika. I searched the neighbourhood for lost parrot but no one had lost one.
I bought you a stand but you preferred to sit on the couch with me. I remember admiring your shinny blue and red feathers. You were getting stronger day by day and I was anxiously waiting to come home from work, so we could sit together on the couch.
One day you flew onto my shoulder and you talked! I couldn’t believe my ears. You said “hello” and I was like what on earth!? From that moment we became inseparable. We went for shopping, for coffee, for walks, even for sleep together. We played and cuddled like you were a dog. You were my child. I taught you 50 words. We were communicating perfectly. You made me feel happy and energetic. I wasn’t feeling alone anymore.
We lived together 30 happy years. You died of old age and I know that this is the best case scenario for you. You were always healthy and happy. My poor little baby I thought we had a lot more years ahead of us. I was terrified what would happen to you if I died first. I’d never thought that I would bury you first because I am old.
Last night I dreamed about you. I was hugging you and it felt so real. I will come to find you soon my Pica. I can feel it and it’s comforting. I love you.

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Pica Jones
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Emma Jones
Address / Διεύθυνση: USA
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: USA
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 1990
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: OLD AGE
Age / Ηλικία: 30
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: HOME
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 2023

I never was a cat person. I think I was a little afraid of them, until my best friend, Suzan asked me to accommodate you. She was a volunteer and her house had no more space. So she asked me this as a favour. I couldn’t say no, so I agreed. The night before she brought you I couldn’t sleep. I was so worried about living with a cat. I was even thinking of cancelling the accommodation but I was too ashamed.
The next morning Suzan brought you. She opened the carrying basket, you walked out, you jumped on the couch and lied down like you lived in the house forever. My bestie taught me how to take care of you and you taught me how to love you. The first night, you jumped on the bed and slept beside me. It was the best sleep I had in years. Time passed and I was becoming more and more attached to you. After a month living with you I told my bestie that I was going to adopt you. She looked at me and told me: Well I don’t think you understand. She is adopting you. She was so right. I understood that years later.
My beautiful Lucy, my little child. What a life we spent together. I never left you. We were together in walks, trips, holidays even when I was going to get coffee. I remember when I was ill for three days. You were by my side all the time. Susan had to move your food, water and toilet in the bedroom because you wouldn’t leave the bed. We were together for 18 years . I could see that you were old but something was different this time. I was terrified. I took you to the vet for your annual check up and my worst fear came true. You had cancer and you were in pain. Vet proposed euthanasia because it would be inhuman to let you go through all this pain. I fainted.
I didn’t mean to. I wanted to be strong for you but I couldn’t. I took you to our home. Suzan came to see you. I couldn’t euthanise you. It was so hard. I felt like killing you. I could have never lived with the guilt. That night you passed away in my arms like you wanted to make it easier for me. That night you took a part of me with you. I will never be the same again.
Rest In Peace, my child.

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: LUCY
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: KATE
Address / Διεύθυνση: UK
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: UK
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 2005
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: CANCER
Age / Ηλικία: 18
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: HOME
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 2023

My son, Your loss is like a punishment from God. Me and your mother wanted so much a baby of our own that when a doctor suggested adoption, we left his office offended. We tried so much to have a child of our own, that even our relatives thought we should have stopped. We were obsessed. So much obsessed that we stopped talking to everybody and continued our efforts. Your mother had lost her taste from the enormous amount of medicine, hormones and all the chemistry she had taken. After 9 years and seven miscarriages, you came. Our own child, our own miracle. We were the proud parents of our own child. We pitted, in silent, the couples that had adopted and didn’t have their own flesh and blood. We used to say that if you had never come into our lives, we would have never adopted.
You were the world to us. You were the perfect son. Talented, gifted, best student in the class, kind and respectful. You were studying to become a doctor. We couldn’t be more proud for you. We couldn’t be happier for how our life was. We even had the money to open an office for you when you would graduate, so nobody could give orders to our son. Everything was as it should be.
And then, the fate struck. My cellphone rang. It was from a hospital. A terrible accident had happened to you. We rushed to the hospital but you had gone. We didn’t even had the chance to say goodbye to you. One moment you were there and the other moment you were gone. Our own flesh and blood had flown away. God punished us for our vanity but that’s not fair. You didn’t do anything wrong you were perfect and God is mean and unfair. He should have punished us, not you! My sweet boy, my innocent angel, we will never forget you. Your mother and I are waiting to meet you again. This time forever.

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Noah Mackendall
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: Paul Mackendall
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Katie Mackendall
Address / Διεύθυνση: Ireland
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: Ireland
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 2/10/1998
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: Car Accident
Age / Ηλικία: 19
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: Ireland
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 23/11/2017

My little baby,

My poor little baby, I hope you know how much I loved you and still do. I was afraid of dogs until my sister brought you in the house as my birthday present. I was very sceptical at first, but then you slept in my arms and I felt so calm that is beyond words to describe. You were only three months old, you were a baby. Your first night in the house, you slept in my bed by my side.
For 16 years you were sleeping by my side. You never left. And now you are gone forever. My pain can’t be described. I am devastated. I remember the time we spent together and the pain grows bigger. Do you remember when you had chewed my red shoe? I was searching it and you had taken it and had hidden it like you knew that you had done something naughty. Or when you jumped on me and tore my shirt? It felt like you were trouble then but now I would give everything to have you back even if I knew that you would set our home on fire. I don’t know how I will carry on my life without you. I love you forever my little baby.

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Chico
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Helena
Address / Διεύθυνση: Mexico
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: Mexico
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 2007
Occupation / Επάγγελμα: My baby
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: OLD AGE
Age / Ηλικία: 16
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: Home
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 20/08/2023

I found you on a rainy day. I was going to check on my car when I saw something strange under the rubbish bin. I looked better and I couldn’t believe in my eyes. It was a bunny.
You were scared and shaking. I took you with me not knowing what to do but I couldn’t just leave you there. I decided to foster you until you’d recovered and then find you a good home for adoption. The next day I took you to a specialised vet for the necessary examinations. You were fine just scared and hungry. I was very surprised when the veterinarian explained me how sensitive bunnies are and how lucky you were that I found you.
Day by day you were becoming stronger and happier. Day by day I was getting more and more used to you. I named you Tara. After awhile you were responding to your name. I was calling your name and you were coming running towards me. You used to jump on my knees and sit there for hours. We did almost everything together. Sleeping, eating, watching tv. You became my everything. Suddenly I had a purpose in life. The bonding we had was one in a million.
You were in my life for the last 15 years. And one morning I woke up and found you dead next to me. Cold and lifeless. And my world collapsed. How can I explain the pain the desperation I am in? I don’t think that anyone can understand what I am going through without you. None will understand. And I can’t express my feelings because they all will say it was just a bunny. Get another. But I don’t want another bunny. I want you. You, who were my soulmate. Every person in my life was a disappointment. You came and made my every moment worth leaving. It’s so hard for others who never had a pet like you to understand. I don’t expect that. I am just grateful for this website because I think I can give you a piece of immortality by putting you in here.
Goodbye my little Tara. I will never ever replace you. I love you and hope to see you again when my time comes so we can be together eternally…

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Tara
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: Ron
Address / Διεύθυνση: USA
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: NOT KNOWN
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: NOT KNOWN
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: OLD AGE
Age / Ηλικία: 15
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: USA
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 9TH November 2022

To my Sarah

My love, my heart, my soul. My sweet child. I miss you so much that it hearts. Words can’t describe my pain. I was dreaming and praying to God for a baby every night and every day. And then, you came. You were a miracle. You with your bright eyes and your beautiful smile. You gave meaning to my life, a reason to live. I was with you all the time, I loved you more than anything in this world. I was taking care of you in the best possible way. What went wrong? Why God did this to us? Why? Why? Why?
You were a healthy, strong and happy baby. And suddenly you just died. You were in your cradle moveless and cold. It is just so unreal. It’s like seeing a bad dream.
Please wake me up, my Sarah I beg you. I can’t I can’t my baby oh my poor baby. Please don’t forget my Sarah!

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Sarah Starad
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: Jerry
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Jeane
Address / Διεύθυνση: UK
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: London
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 9/11/2022
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: NOT KNOWN
Age / Ηλικία: 2 MONTHS
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: Our home
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 9/01/2023

April 4th 1970. The day my parents met each other. She was sitting at a café with her friends while he was at the next table. When he looked at her, he said to himself “what a beautiful woman!”. He couldn’t resist so he went to the waiter and told him to serve a chocolate cake to her friends and another one for her with a whipped cream heart on top of it. When she saw her cake, he waved at her and smiled to her. She smiled back while all her friends were sneering. She went to his table and they started talking. That was enough to start a great love story! It was love at first sight for both of them!

June 5th 1971. The day they got married. She was gorgeous in her white wedding dress with a white lily in her hair! He felt that he was the luckiest person in the whole world!
October 11th 1971. The day my mother found out that she was pregnant. My father hugged her and told her that she had made him the happiest man. Their life was like a fairy tale.

May 2nd 1972. The day I was born and the day my mother died… The doctor told my father that her wife gave birth to a healthy girl but unfortunately she passed away due to childbirth complications. My father was unable to feel anything, he was staring at the doctor…

Present day. I wish that I had more to write about you. I wish that I had looked at you even once. I wish that you had hugged me and kissed me. I wish that you had the chance to feel happy for me, to keep me grounded for acting foolishly, to watch your grandchildren grow up, to grow old with dad. I wish I had met you..

I have some of your photos, some of your jewels and dad’s memories of you. Nothing else. These things are the only things that bring me close to you….
I named my daughter after you. Dad says that my daughter’s character is similar to yours. She also has the same beautiful green eyes like you.

I want you to know that dad never got married again. He says that you were the only one for him and that he cannot love anyone else like he loves you. For him, you are still alive and he prefers to live in his own imaginary world with you…

“Mum”, a word that I have never said. “Daughter”, a word that you never said. There is a hole in my heart. I miss you so much mum… I love you so much that it hurts…

With all of my love,

Your daughter Annie.

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Kelly Anderson
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: Ken
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Annie
Address / Διεύθυνση: New York, USA
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: New York, USA
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 01-01-1952
Occupation / Επάγγελμα: Household
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: Childbirth complications
Age / Ηλικία: 20 years old
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: Florida, USA
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 05-02-1972