I saw you one day right across my apartment. You seemed tired and hungry. I gave you food and water. You looked at me with gratitude, but without any hope in your eyes. My heart broke that moment.
I took you to the vet. You were sick and old. You had leishmaniasis, ehrlichiosis and heart filariasis but I promised you that I was going to help you. I told you not to give up and we would fought your battles together. I named you Bella because I saw the beauty inside you. You took every necessary medication and did every therapy/treatment needed.
And you started blossoming. Your eyes were shining with happiness and love. You lived 7 years with me and the vet kept on saying that it was a miracle. My love kept you alive and your love gave me purpose.
You died peacefully in our bed from old age. You were 18 years old approximately. Now I adopt and foster old dogs like you, in your memory. That is your legacy, Bella’s legacy and you will never be forgotten. I love you Bella!

Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: BELLA
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: JAMES
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: NOT KNOWN
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: NOT KNOWN
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: OLD AGE
Age / Ηλικία: 18
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: HOME
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 18/09/2023

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