To my husband…

It was you, who made my life blossom. Before you, there was the darkness and then you came and every little thing took shape and glow. Before I met you, my life was empty, full of meaningless things. I had stopped to believe in love, I had given up and thought that I would spent all my life in loneliness.

I remember our first date, in that small bistro. I couldn’ believe how handsome you were. And we talked and talked for hours. We were a perfect match right from the beginning. You were wonderful in all ways. I fell in love with you almost instantly. Our marriage was so romantic and we were so happy. I thought that our happiness was going to last forever. After one year of marriage, we wanted a baby. Remember my love?

And then one night, the phone rang. An unknown voice from a hospital asking if I am married to you, telling me about a car accident, something terrible had happened! The phone slipped from my hand. I run to the hospital and I was keep on telling to myself that this can’t be happening, this is a mistake! But it wasn’t a mistake. It was you in that bed almost unrecognizable. You didn’t have any kind of contact. I just sat next to you in that bed and kissed your hand. Nothing, no response! I screamed for help but you were already gone. Where did you go? Why did you leave me alone? How could this have happened to us? You had promised me that you will never leave me. Why did you leave me? Why didn’t you keep your promise? Why bad things happen to good people? Why you? Why not me? If I could take your place, I would do it without second thought. I miss you. My life is empty again. I have kept your clothes, so I can smell you. It’s the only thing that remained from you. Your smell and memories. No one will ever take your place, Jonathan, no one!

I am waiting for the day that we will meet again. Soon, I hope.

Your wife,


Name / Oνοματεπώνυμο: Jonathan Cormas
Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: Antonny
Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Ratila
Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: Spain
Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 19/7/1970
Occupation / Επάγγελμα: Pilot
Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: Car Accident
Age / Ηλικία: 40
Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: Vera Cruz, Mexico
Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 8/6/2010


  1. Lita

    Dear Klara, I am sorry for your loss. I cannot think of anything to write to you in order to make you feel better. My aunt lost her husband with a similar way and I remember how devastated she was.
    I am sure that Jonathan wants you to live happily and go on with your life.
    When you meet him again, you will be feeling completed again. Until then, take good care of your self. I hope that you will be able to bear this tragic loss.

  2. Kostas

    I am very sorry for your loss. The loss of your husband is one of the worst losses. I have not experienced it but I am terrified only by imagining it! Remember all of the good moments you shared with Jonathan (I bet there are thousands of them!). I believe Jonathan does the same thing. After some time, you will be able to share with him millions of great moments! And there will be only good moments!

  3. Katerina

    My deepest condolences for your loss. I cannot even conceive how hard this must be for you. He was so young! I hope that you will be able to tolerate this loss and go on with your life. That would make Jonathan happy!

  4. Aria

    I am really sorry for your loss, Klara. And I know that there isn’t a single word I can write to make you feel even a little bit better. The only thing I can say to you is that you are not alone in your grief. I can understand what you are going through and millions of other people can also understand what you are going through. Be strong and happy that you were loved by such a wonderful man in your life. Only that. Again, I am sorry for your loss.

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