The world's best grandma.

To the world's best Grandma.

You were, you are and you will be alive because only your body left. Your spirit is still here. You are not dead. You Are Here. I know it because I can feel you close to me, watching me in my daily life, being upset with my problems and being glad with my happiness, as when I had you by my side.

You gave me everything. You taught me what compassion and selfless love mean, to give and not to take, to have mercy and not to criticize. You stood by me in my most difficult moments. You didn’t give, you imparted power to me. You transformed me from a weak child into a strong woman, full of confidence that she can do and achieve anything. You vanished every  fear I had inside me. You broaden my horizons and opened my mind. If I did not have you in my life, I would have been nothing.

My Grandmother, I tried to save you with all my power. I fought like a mad dog, and I nearly succeeded.

I held your hand in the hospital and your last words wereI'm afraid.”  and I told youDo not be afraid. I'm here!
And I mean it Grandma! I'm still here and I will not give up!

I am not saying goodbye because I know that this is not the goodbye!

Somehow we will be together again.

Until then, I dedicate this website to you. I want the world to see you and learn how Wonderful and Fair person you are.
It's the least I can do for you.

I love you Grandma I adore you ...




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Additional Info

  • First Name / Όνομα: Anna
  • Last Name / Επώνυμο: Giakoupi Kontelli
  • Father's Name / Όνομα πατρός: Alexios
  • Mother's Name / Όνομα μητρός: Tassia
  • Address / Διεύθυνση: Athens, Greece
  • Birth Place / Μέρος γέννησης: Aigio, Ahaia, Greece
  • Birthday / Ημερομηνία γέννησης: 05-03-1933
  • Occupation / Επάγγελμα: Household
  • Cause of Death / Αιτία θανάτου: Septicemia / Skin cancer
  • Age / Ηλικία: 80 years old
  • Death Place / Μέρος θανάτου: Athens, Greece
  • Death Date / Ημερομηνία θανάτου: 19-11-2013
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